Wk 12 – Artist Interview – Ashley Sharpe

I had the opportunity to see Ashley Sharpe’s show. Her show involved an assembly of mono-prints, lithographs, screen prints, etchings, and relief prints involving a lot of cats.


I got to find out many things about Ashley Sharpe and her show. She mentioned that she likes how all of the prints of cats in her show have different styles but when you put them as a whole, it comes together. She also mentioned that she started her show in 2013 but some of her prints were recently made. She also said that she tried to incorporate all types of print making into her show.

Something I found interesting about hr show is that some of her prints of cats that she encountered. She said that she walked around around her neighborhood with food to get pictures of cats. She even told me that one of the strays passed away, so her show was kinda like a tribute for it.

Ashley Sharpe said that she is really into cats. She agrees when cats relates to people. I thought it was interesting that she did not own a cat; however, her roommate own one. She also said that she had a cat when she was younger. She also mentioned that her love for cats really help with hard times and getting through things.


One specific piece from her show that I fancied was Cateidoscope. I really like how it looks. I like how it looks really loud but at the same time it is subtle. I think because the whole picture is the same color it makes it less loud. I also like how intricate it looks. I also like the thin black lines, making it look geometric.


Wk 12 – Classmate Interview – Jasmin Brito

I met the sweetest girl, Jasmin Brito. She was super delightful and lovely. I am really happy I met someone like her. I had the opportunity to learn many things about her.

Jasmin is second year here at CSULB. She is double majoring in Human Development and Psychology. However, she initially majored in Computer Engineering. She recently changed her major this semester. She decided to choose Computer Engineering because she thought it was a job that was going to pay well. However, as time went on, she realized it wasn’t for her and decided to change.

Jasmin told me that she commutes to school. She lives in Anaheim and she mentioned that she os going to mover even farther. She is going to live with her boyfriend and her dog named Sophie. She even showed me a picture of her boyfriend and her dog, which I thought was really cute.

An interesting thing I found out about Jasmin is stuff about her and her growing up. In her family she is an only child. Her dog is a wiener dog and she is like her sister. As she was growing up, she did not really have a lot of companions to be around. She mentioned that a lot of her friends moved away. Jasmin also told me that her parents were always working. While growing up, she thought she to work and when the chance came she did. She has been working at Starbucks for two years now. However, she is not fond of her job and is looking for a new one. However, she said that she had a pretty good childhood.

Another thing I learned about Jasmin is that she really like soccer. She said that she used to play so much in high school. She mentioned that she traveled all over California to compete. She even told me that she earned some scholarships for soccer. However, she turned them down because they were not very convenient for her.

Overall, I am really glad I met someone like Jasmin!

Wk 11 – Artist Interview – Kruse and Pena

I had the opportunity to see Kruse and Pena’s exhibit called “5620.”


I thought it was wonderful that two artists were collaborating this week. Kruse and Pena mentioned that they met over a year ago. I thought it was humorous that they said that they did not click at first. In fact, they disliked each other. However, they became great friends through art. They realized that their outlook on art was very much alike and had many similarities.

The show, 5620 was surprisingly made in about 15 hours. To me, I thought it took so much longer to make. Kruse and Pena mentioned that each piece of art on the walls was different but they wanted it to blend. They said that they wanted to make different but similar pieces to make a whole. Which I think they accomplished.

When I entered the gallery, I was astonished. I though it was amazing. I really admired how different each piece of art on the walls looked like it belonged. Each piece of art looked like it was integrated nicely. I think that even though it looks cluttered and chaotic, it has a fresh and clean feel to it. I think that the individual pieces and the background for the pieces make it really pop and exceptional. I really like how they incorporated their title of their show in their show.

Overall, I’m glad I was able to converse with Kruse and Pena. I’m also delighted I was able to experience their show, 5620.

Wk 11 – Classmate Interview – Nathan Baldondo

I had the pleasure to meet Nathan Baldonado on Thursday. He was really nice and polite. I had the chance to find out many interesting things about him. I found out that Nathan is a first year just like me. I also found out that he is also Filipino like me. Surprisingly, we did not share many common interests.

One thing I found interesting is that Nathan dorms here but lives only ten minutes away from CSULB. As the conversation went on, I found out the reason why. Nathan’s parents want him to experience living on campus to get that college experience. I was really shocked when I found this out because I also live on campus and dorming is expensive. In my opinion, I think Nathan could of saved a lot of money if he did not dorm. Additionally, I found out that his roommate is someone that he went to high school with. Then I realized that his roommate must live really close to CSULB.

I also found out that he is a film major. However, he was originally a child development major last semester. Nathan told me that he took a photography and film class when he was in high school. He told me that when he took film in high school, that he really liked it. He then told me that his friends convinced him to changed his major and he did it. I think it is great that his friends changed his mind to something he will like doing in the future.

Additionally, I got to find out some stuff about his family. I found out that he has a little brother but, they do not get along well. However, he told me that it is way much better than when they were younger. I also got to know many things about his parents. Furthermore, I found out that he was going to San Francisco for the weekend for a family vacation because it was his little brother’s spring break.

Overall, I thought Nathan was really great and was nice getting to know!

Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl

I had the opportunity to see Dawn Ertl’s show, “Radius of Action.” Within her show was her main piece called “One Nation Under God.” I thought her piece was absolutely breathtaking. I was so stunned at how outstanding it was.

It is Dawn Ertl’s last semester here at CSULB, but is a graduate in sculpturing. She mentioned that she got her BFA from Otis. She came to CSULB to get her master’s degree because she mentioned that CSULB offers an environment where individuals can experience and learn about different kinds of mediums.

Dawn Ertl uses her interest about environmental issues to make her art and wants it to illustrate the relationship that people have with each other can effect the environment. She mentioned that she has visions about her artwork before she actually starts making her work. She always knows what colors she is going to use and where she is going to hang each piece. She also knew in her vision that she was going to mix up different materials with yarn, however she did not know the size and length of each piece due the dependency of the ceiling in which she was to hang her art. As her art developed she changed the size and length of different strands to accustom to the whole piece.

Dawn Ertl used plastic bags that she got from her friends and family because she thinks that plastic bags have a poetic reason why they are on this planet and it is a constant reminder of how we deal with the things that we own. She also mentioned of the high problem people are creating by not recycling as the waste does end up on shores and affecting sea life. She also used other materials such as Yarn that she dyed, straws and strawberry crates. She weaved and tied these materials all together.

Something that I found amazing was that within the art were speakers which she played music through. Dawn Ertl said there was three different tracks playing. Within the piece, she broke it up into sections. One track had love songs, one is called under, and one is on struggles and rising up to become a better person. Dawn Ertl explained that the music’s purpose was to make more noise. Dawn Ertl said she wanted to create an atmosphere with the music, however she made sure that the music was not too overpowering.

Wk 10 – Classmate Interview – Pedro Morales

I had the pleasure to meet Pedro Morales. He was really easy to talk to and was very interesting to talk to. When I first saw him I thought he was an upperclassmen but actually he is a a first year like me.I found out that he is undeclared; however, he is leaning towards film. Additionally, Pedro told me that he was on the pathway of becoming an engineer. When he was growing up, he was leaning towards of becoming an engineer. In high school he was even in an engineer club.

Additionally, I got to find out many of Pedro’s interest. I found out that Pedro plays the guitar. Pedro also play video games. One video game he is playing right noe is Battlefield on PC. I also found out that Pedro’s favorite movie is Fight Club. Another movie he likes is Wolf on Wall Street. I believe that this movie is what makes him thinki about majoring in film. Also, he is really into Rock Metal and Metallica.

I also found out that Pedro has an uncle that works on campus. He told me it is nice randomly seeing his uncle around campus. When I found out that his uncle worked on campus, I thought that his uncle treats him to eat, but I was mistaken. They just greet each other when they see each other.

Overall, I thought Pedro was really swell. He was really friendly and kind to me.

Wk 10 – Activity – Student Choice

Because it is Student Choice this week, I decided to teach myself 3D Origami.

First of all, I watched a video for beginners. It taught me how to cut and make the pieces. Additionally, there was a second part that taught me how to start making a base when I would start making something. After that, I looked for something to make. I looked at several video tutorials and finally found one that I thought was easy enough for me. The video I found was a tutorial on how to make a Pokeball from a show called Pokemon.

20150402_171744_zpsw7l7mls420150402_171758_zpsk9orrne7 20150402_211011_zpssmn2knkb

I was determined to not give up half way through. The tutorial told me I had to make about 200 white pieces, 180 red pieces, and 40 black pieces. When I saw the amount I had to fold, I kinda wanted to give up, but I pulled through. I kept myself occupied by watching a show I was behind on called Pretty Little Liars. After hours of folding and folding, I thought I was loosing my sanity; but, I somehow was able to finish. I was ready to start putting it all together.

20150403_014844 20150403_013227_zpsaarh9dqu 20150403_021119 20150403_022359

I followed the tutorial carefully step by step. It started off really easy but got complicated really quick. The tutorial told me to increase to 8 then 16 and then I got really got confused. I re-watched the tutorial and understood it. I tried it out for myself and managed to get it. I followed the tutorial through.

The hardest part of making this was when the tutorial told me to decrease rows. Instead of sticking one piece into each other, i would have to stick several more into one. It was difficult because my paper was not very durable for this. My paper ripped several times sometimes would not even stay. However, I some how managed to do it.

Overall, this experience was very time consuming and tiring. However, I’m proud that I pulled through and did not give up. I’m very satisfied with the outcome. I would like to keep making 3D origami.