Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Valerie Arrendondo

I had the pleasure to meet Valerie Arrendondo. She was really sweet and interesting person to talk to.

Valerie is a first year like me. Unfortunately, she lives near CSULB and does not dorm, so I can not see her more often. However, her boyfriend dorms and she spends a lot of time at the dorms. She also told me how she met her boyfriend. She said that she had a crush on him when they were freshmen in high school. Then I realized that if Valerie met her boyfriend in high school, then her boyfriend lives near school too. She confirmed it and said that he wanted to experience dorm life.

Additionally, Valerie told me what she was majoring in at CSULB. She said that she was originally an Art major, but now she is a Biology major now. She said she wants to become a doctor. However, she wants to change back because of the influence of ART110.

Valerie also told me a few more things about her. She said that she likes drawing, watching Netflix, and playing rugby. She even told me that she is on the rugby team here at school. Valerie also told me that she is the oldest among her siblings. She has two younger brothers and they all get along really well. However, sometimes her youngest brother can get a little annoying because of Valerie and her younger brother’s age difference. Furthermore, Valerie told me that her favorite movie is Tarzan. She said that her parents have a video of her singing, “You’ll be in my Heart” when she was younger. Another thing she told me that she wants to learn sign language over the summer because she always wanted to learn.

Overall, I thought Valerie was really nice and I am glad I got to meet her.


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