Wk 15 – Artist Interview – Elia Murray

I had the opportunity to interview Elia Murray. She is majoring in Illustration here at CSULB. She participated in a show called Drawn Out. Drawn Out is the 2015 BFA Illustration/Animation Senior show.

One thing I found really profound was how much her parents influence her to become an artist. She grew up around artist, her parents. She said she had always had dreams about being an artist. Elia Murray said that her father taught her how to draw ta a young age and her mother pushed her. She said that she originally applied to become an English major in college; however her parents pretty much convinced her to become an art major. If her parents did not push her to become an art major, there would not be this exquisite art on the wall in the gallery. I thought it was really nice that she has parents that support her and help her in ways that will benefit her.

Additionally, Elia Murray said that she is applying to internships. She mentioned that she applied to places like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. She said that she is different compared to other individuals that are applying because people who usually apply are animation majors, while she is an illustration major.

I thought her work was impeccable. I can see her work in many animated shows. i really like how her work looks different from the normal things I would see in animals.

Overall, I am delighted I was able to experience seeing Elia Murray’s work.


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