Wk 14 – Classmate Interview – Sarah Schneider

I had the chance to meet a really lovely girl named Sarah Schneider. I found out many nice and interesting things about her.

Sarah told me that she is majoring in Health Science at CSULB. She told me that she is a second year. She also mentioned that she commutes to school. She lives about 15 minutes away from school.

Another thing Sarah tole me about her self was that she has some cool hobbies. She likes to watch Netflix, go on road trips, and go bowling. She said that she is on the bowling team at CSULB and gets to travel a lot. She also told me that she just got hired at a bowling alley, which I thought was cool. She gets to be surrounded by something she likes doing.

Furthermore, Sarah told me that she is half Filipino and half White. She told me that her mom is Filipino and her dad is White, She said that her mom was a nanny for a family and that she has visited the Philippines twice. She also mentioned how her parents met. She said that her parents were neighbors when they were children. I thought it was really cute how her parents met and how they married their neighbor.

Additionally, Sarah tole me that she has a younger brother. She mentioned that he is fourteen years old. Which I thought was cool because I also have a little brother that is fourteen years old. Sarah also said that her and her little brother’s birthdays are two days apart. She said that she is really close to her little brother and sometimes her boyfriends hangs out with her and her little brother.

Overall, I had a great time getting to know Sarah!


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