Wk 13 – Artist Interview – Marty Knop

I had the chance to experience Marty Knop’s exhibit called Icosikaihenagon. I believe his work is a head turner. His work makes me want to observe every detail individually and bring it together as a whole. I believe his work is very pleasant on the eyes.

Marty Knop used computer programs to make his pieces. He used a program called Mathematica and Wolfram. These programs allow him to use mathematics to create structures. He mentioned that the goal of this was to convert math symbols into computer graphics. He believes that shapes are best described through math equations.

Marty Knop’s work is surrounded by the idea of patterns and randomness. A simple checkerboard pattern can be easily generated. The tougher part in making a random pattern due the large amount of information it requires. Additionally, randomness is not repetitive is harder to make with mathematics.


A piece that I drew a liking to is this one above. Even though it looks really plain, it has its’ own outstanding qualities. I really like how this piece looks almost like an optical illusion. I also fancy the abundance of patterned lines. another thing that I am fond about this piece is that even though it is just a whole bunch of lines, it has texture and it looks like it is not flat.

Overall, I really enjoyed seeing Marty Knop’s exhibit, Icosikaihenagon.


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