Wk 11 – Classmate Interview – Nathan Baldondo

I had the pleasure to meet Nathan Baldonado on Thursday. He was really nice and polite. I had the chance to find out many interesting things about him. I found out that Nathan is a first year just like me. I also found out that he is also Filipino like me. Surprisingly, we did not share many common interests.

One thing I found interesting is that Nathan dorms here but lives only ten minutes away from CSULB. As the conversation went on, I found out the reason why. Nathan’s parents want him to experience living on campus to get that college experience. I was really shocked when I found this out because I also live on campus and dorming is expensive. In my opinion, I think Nathan could of saved a lot of money if he did not dorm. Additionally, I found out that his roommate is someone that he went to high school with. Then I realized that his roommate must live really close to CSULB.

I also found out that he is a film major. However, he was originally a child development major last semester. Nathan told me that he took a photography and film class when he was in high school. He told me that when he took film in high school, that he really liked it. He then told me that his friends convinced him to changed his major and he did it. I think it is great that his friends changed his mind to something he will like doing in the future.

Additionally, I got to find out some stuff about his family. I found out that he has a little brother but, they do not get along well. However, he told me that it is way much better than when they were younger. I also got to know many things about his parents. Furthermore, I found out that he was going to San Francisco for the weekend for a family vacation because it was his little brother’s spring break.

Overall, I thought Nathan was really great and was nice getting to know!


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