Wk 11 – Artist Interview – Kruse and Pena

I had the opportunity to see Kruse and Pena’s exhibit called “5620.”


I thought it was wonderful that two artists were collaborating this week. Kruse and Pena mentioned that they met over a year ago. I thought it was humorous that they said that they did not click at first. In fact, they disliked each other. However, they became great friends through art. They realized that their outlook on art was very much alike and had many similarities.

The show, 5620 was surprisingly made in about 15 hours. To me, I thought it took so much longer to make. Kruse and Pena mentioned that each piece of art on the walls was different but they wanted it to blend. They said that they wanted to make different but similar pieces to make a whole. Which I think they accomplished.

When I entered the gallery, I was astonished. I though it was amazing. I really admired how different each piece of art on the walls looked like it belonged. Each piece of art looked like it was integrated nicely. I think that even though it looks cluttered and chaotic, it has a fresh and clean feel to it. I think that the individual pieces and the background for the pieces make it really pop and exceptional. I really like how they incorporated their title of their show in their show.

Overall, I’m glad I was able to converse with Kruse and Pena. I’m also delighted I was able to experience their show, 5620.


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