Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl

I had the opportunity to see Dawn Ertl’s show, “Radius of Action.” Within her show was her main piece called “One Nation Under God.” I thought her piece was absolutely breathtaking. I was so stunned at how outstanding it was.

It is Dawn Ertl’s last semester here at CSULB, but is a graduate in sculpturing. She mentioned that she got her BFA from Otis. She came to CSULB to get her master’s degree because she mentioned that CSULB offers an environment where individuals can experience and learn about different kinds of mediums.

Dawn Ertl uses her interest about environmental issues to make her art and wants it to illustrate the relationship that people have with each other can effect the environment. She mentioned that she has visions about her artwork before she actually starts making her work. She always knows what colors she is going to use and where she is going to hang each piece. She also knew in her vision that she was going to mix up different materials with yarn, however she did not know the size and length of each piece due the dependency of the ceiling in which she was to hang her art. As her art developed she changed the size and length of different strands to accustom to the whole piece.

Dawn Ertl used plastic bags that she got from her friends and family because she thinks that plastic bags have a poetic reason why they are on this planet and it is a constant reminder of how we deal with the things that we own. She also mentioned of the high problem people are creating by not recycling as the waste does end up on shores and affecting sea life. She also used other materials such as Yarn that she dyed, straws and strawberry crates. She weaved and tied these materials all together.

Something that I found amazing was that within the art were speakers which she played music through. Dawn Ertl said there was three different tracks playing. Within the piece, she broke it up into sections. One track had love songs, one is called under, and one is on struggles and rising up to become a better person. Dawn Ertl explained that the music’s purpose was to make more noise. Dawn Ertl said she wanted to create an atmosphere with the music, however she made sure that the music was not too overpowering.


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