Wk 10 – Activity – Student Choice

Because it is Student Choice this week, I decided to teach myself 3D Origami.

First of all, I watched a video for beginners. It taught me how to cut and make the pieces. Additionally, there was a second part that taught me how to start making a base when I would start making something. After that, I looked for something to make. I looked at several video tutorials and finally found one that I thought was easy enough for me. The video I found was a tutorial on how to make a Pokeball from a show called Pokemon.

20150402_171744_zpsw7l7mls420150402_171758_zpsk9orrne7 20150402_211011_zpssmn2knkb

I was determined to not give up half way through. The tutorial told me I had to make about 200 white pieces, 180 red pieces, and 40 black pieces. When I saw the amount I had to fold, I kinda wanted to give up, but I pulled through. I kept myself occupied by watching a show I was behind on called Pretty Little Liars. After hours of folding and folding, I thought I was loosing my sanity; but, I somehow was able to finish. I was ready to start putting it all together.

20150403_014844 20150403_013227_zpsaarh9dqu 20150403_021119 20150403_022359

I followed the tutorial carefully step by step. It started off really easy but got complicated really quick. The tutorial told me to increase to 8 then 16 and then I got really got confused. I re-watched the tutorial and understood it. I tried it out for myself and managed to get it. I followed the tutorial through.

The hardest part of making this was when the tutorial told me to decrease rows. Instead of sticking one piece into each other, i would have to stick several more into one. It was difficult because my paper was not very durable for this. My paper ripped several times sometimes would not even stay. However, I some how managed to do it.

Overall, this experience was very time consuming and tiring. However, I’m proud that I pulled through and did not give up. I’m very satisfied with the outcome. I would like to keep making 3D origami.


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