Wk 9 – Artist Interview – Lesley Nishigawara

Lesley Nishigawara is an artist that loved art ever since she was young. It was the perfect time to get her masters and she came to CSULB because of how fiber ats is a rare program. When Lesley Nishigawara works with fabric, she targets on how the fabric absorbs the ink. She also focuses on how her work is very precise and intricate. She makes sure everything is symmetrical. Additionally, she alternates between free form and straight lines.


Manipulated Line drawing of a Drawing of Negative Space of a Fabric Shadow Fabric Dyed from a Photograph of a Bridge Truss

For her work, she uses things to create a pattern. She said she intermixes things that change in her environment, such as the building near the freeway to the mountains in Japan. She uses these things to create her own thing. Lesley Nishigawara says she does this by the use of a lot of positive and negative space. Because of positive and negative space, something comes out and becomes its own thing. Additonally, Lesley Nishigawara said that she translates images. She will find something in her habitat and make into what she sees. She then uses what she sees and takes it another stop further. She uses iteration such as, photography, photocopies, line drawing, sewing, taping, collaging, cutting, puncturing, and painting.

Negative Space of Fabric Shadow of Fabric Dyed Inspired by Multiple Photographs of Trusses

Negative Space of Fabric Shadow of Fabric Dyed Inspired by Multiple Photographs of Trusses

I think that Lesley Nishigawara’s work is very minimal and simplistic. However, her work has something that makes it pop. The dark random lines of string contrast nicely against the light background. In my opinion, her work looks really simplistic. I really like simple things. To me, it does not look loud but it has its own touch of pizzazz. It looks really organized and neat. Because Lesley Nishigawara said that her work is something she interprets from things she visualizes, I believe that her work does not have a deep meaning. I think she just gets inspired and does off of that.


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