Wk 9 – Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning


Cognitive Map


Inside the Liberal Arts building

The building I chose was the new Liberal Arts buildings. I chose it because they’re new and I wanted to know more about them. The newness of the classrooms gives a better learning environment. The Liberal Arts buildings are equipped with 26 smart classrooms and a handful of active learning classrooms. Each active learning classroom have large group tables that have whiteboard surfaces on top and each table is equipped with a large computer screen. It’s also nice that the classrooms are equipped with computers, so people do not have to bring their heavy laptops to class anymore.

The new Liberal Arts building has some cons. Some professors and instructors are still trying to figure out how to use the new equipment embedded inside the classrooms. They are trying to get used to them. I found out that the most asked question is, “How do I use the control panel?” A lot of people say that it is the control panel that they need to become proficient in. The building also needs bathrooms and an elevator. There are a lot of people in crutches and wheel chairs and are blind that need to go buildings over to go to the elevator in LA5 and walk across the whole bridge way.


CSULB campus redesign

For my CSULB campus design I made a drawing. I drew a river that gives gondola rides to class. However, I think it won’t work out well. On the weekend, the river can be used for many purposes, such as, swimming. The river is surrounded by really pretty pink flowers. Also the river has multiple bridges, so people can walk across the river. I also put buildings on each side of the river so people have to walk on the bridge to go to another class! This also reminded me of a game I used to play. It’s called animal crossing and it rivers with bridges.


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