Wk 8 – Activity – Remix Culture

I believe that internet culture can be very scary, even though you have so much access to something. There are individuals that are seeking to do horrible things to others, whether if it’s hacking, stalking, or bullying. I think that these things can potentially harm an individual.

Copyright is a form of protection given to the creators of something that is original. People are not allowed to make copies of one’s work, make copies and distribute one’s work, perform one’s work, display one’s work publicly, and changing one’s work slightly. An individual is not allowed to do any of these things without the owner’s consent. I believe that there’s expectations and limitations to copyright. I think it depends when copyright can be the most effective. I believe it should stay the same as it is.

The license I chose for my work is Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-SA. I chose this because I do not mind if someone shares my work. I also chose this because I do not mind if someone makes a remix of something I have worked on. I think it would be cool if someone shared a change of something I made.

RoshiGivesFlyingNimbusGoku20150223_202244For my remix I used a photo editing website to “remix” a two photos. I combined a scene from a show I used to watch when I was very young and added a picture of my friend. It came out exactly how i expected it. I really enjoyed making this picture. However, it was very difficult cutting out my friend from the original picture.


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