Wk 8 – Classmate Interview – Christen Drake

On Thursday Ii had the pleasure to meet Christen! She was so lovely and nice. I saw her walking around the galleries and wondered if she had someone to interview, I was glad she didn’t because she’s really great.

I found out that she’s a first year like me and is majoring in Fashion Merchandise. However, she is thinking about switching to an art major. She said she’s really grateful that she is able to try out things before deciding on something. She also mentioned that when she was in high school she was able to take a while bunch of art classes. She didn’t even know how her high school had so many art classes.  She said that she took drawing, painting, media art; which is like Photoshop, photography, print making, and jewelry making.However, One class she didn’t take in high school was ceramics. Christen said she really miss taking art classes and wish she could take more.

I also found out that Christen lives on campus. So, hopefully I will be able to see her around in the dinning halls. She lives at the international house. She mentioned her fist semester her roommate was from Syria. Now her roommate is from England. I thought that it was really neat that she is able to meet people from around the world. I think it’s really cool that she is able to find out things from another person’s perspective because they live somewhere else in the world. Additionally, I also found out that she is from Anaheim but I believe that she is not living on campus next semester.

Additionally, Christen pointed out that she put tie dye shirt on the tree near the galleries for the yarn bombing activity. I thought her idea was really creative and nice, She told me that she really likes to make tie dye shirts. Also, she mentioned that she’ll go to the thrift store and buy plain two dollar shirts and start to tie dye until the sun goes down. She said that sometimes she doesn’t even wear them. She just really likes making them.

I’m so glad I got to meet her!


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