Wk 8 – Artist Interview – Brian Davis

20150312_113003For this week, I went to Gatov-West to see for my self what was happening in Brian’s show. From Tuesday’s class, when he came to talk to the class, I wasn’t sure what was happening. I ended up talking to one of the people that was also apart of Brian’s show, Maccabee Shelley. Maccabee said that he got involved because Brian asked him to. Additionally, I found out that Maccabee and Brian are roommates and friends.

Maccabee was working on something called geomancy. He said that he came around to it because one of my fellow classmates in class wrote about it when it was Maccabee’s show. I thought that it was cool that he was able to try something new because someone mentioned it in one of their blog post. At his area there was a typewriter that was hooked to a tank of liquid nitrogen. He also mentioned that he is fascinated by the noise it makes and wanted to add an amplifier to play sounds on it. Also, there was a cigar box on the table that read something. When he opened the box there was a whole bunch of wires. He also had a weird looking hammer on the table. The hammer had silicon on it. He mentioned he used to adjust magnetic waves. At that moment, he was working on making an electronic drum set. Which, I thought was very interesting.

He also mentioned stuff about the whole gallery. He mentioned that physical work like a painting does not change you but the experiences and memories do. He expressed the art is a way of expressing yourself. He said that whatever what language you want to use to express it in, you can. He also mentioned that this is the electronic age. He said that it’s nice if we can use the old stuff and fix it up to use it for the future,

20150312_113457I also got to watch Brian juice some fruit and vegetables. I even got to try some juice. It was a very interesting drink. I have never tasted something like it before. I found out that he uses the leftovers disposables for compost, which I thought was great.

Overall, I thought the show was very interesting. I though this exhibit was something that can be displayed in a gallery. It was a wonderful experience.


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