Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Clare Samani

On Thursday, I interviewed Clare Samani. A piece of her’s is called “I Know That I Know Nothing at All.” Her piece was used with the lithograph method. The lithograph method uses stones while printing. She mentioned that it took 6-8 hours to draw on stone and another 6-8 hours to carve patterns and designs into the stone.

Clare Samani was really friendly and easy to talk to. She mentioned that the main difference of printmaking was the different methods and the process. The different methods are etching, reliefs, and lithographs. She said the she personally does not like silk screening because it never works out for her and it never does what she want it to do. Her favorite method is etching because it can show complex details. I also got to know that she first majored in painting but switched to print making a few years ago.

“I Know That I Know Nothing at All” was beautifully done. I thought it was very intricate but very minimal at the same time. I really appreciated how two contrasting ideas can come together to make a whole. She said that her art reflects things that are on her mind like women’s issues. Due to this,  think that “I Know That I Know Nothing at All” is about how much women struggle a lot in the world. The rocks the little girl is balancing is shows how she must work hard to stay on or she will fall.

Overall, I thought that printmaking is really hard work and is really amazing. I thought Clare’s “I Know That I Know Nothing at All” is absolutely stunning and has a great amount of nice detail.


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