Wk 7 – Activity – Portriat Photography

For my “Landscape with a Corpse” I did two beautiful pieces because I couldn’t decide. Also because my roommate took the picture for me and she told me that if I didn’t use the pictures she took, I’d actually be dead. So, I used both of the pictures. I thought the whole idea of this activity was great Even if it didn’t turn out the way I expected it to be.


My experience was really uncomfortable. The picture of me in the street had to be really quick because there was a chance a car might come along and run me over. The street was really dirty but I was glad I was wearing a really big cardigan to protect me from the dirty ground. Additionally, I thought it was kinda dangerous because I could of gotten ran over but it’s cool.


My other picture was more fun. I took this picture inside my dorm building. As soon as I got onto the stairs my friend ran up the stairs to make it look like she pushed me. Being upside down was really something. It was really difficult getting into that position. I felt like I was actually going to fall. This was also uncomfortable and I had trouble getting out of that position.

Overall, I had fun doing these to pictures. I’m delighted I got to do something like this.


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