Wk 7 – Classmate Interview – Victor Paredes

On Thursday, I met Victor Paredes. He’s a really nice person and really easy to talk to. However, Victor introduced himself as Adrian, his nickname.

During our conversation, Adrian and I discussed about many things and go to know each other more. He told me that he is the middle child of five and they all have nicknames for each other. Additionally, Adrian is also into hiking. Which i thought was really nice because I also like hiking. Also, I think he likes the water because he likes water polo and swimming.

I also found out that Adrian is really close to another person I had a conversation with, Roxanna Gutierrez. He told me that he grew up with her. Also that he they know each other very well. I thought it was funny when I asked Roxanna questions, he would answer them for her. I thought it was really nice that they knew each other well.

Overall, I am glad that I got to meet Adrian. He’s a really great person and someone who makes you feel comfortableto be around.


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