Wk 6 – Artist interview – Christine Fuqua

For this week’s artist interview, I did Christine Fuqua. When I first walked into the gallery, I thought it was amazing! There was so much wood everywhere and everything looked so smooth. It was so cool being in there. I think it’s really incredible that people can work with wood and can change it into something else.

What really caught my eye was Christine’s piece. I thought it was amazing that she was able to make curve wood. The whole time I was wondering HOW HOW HOW did she did she do that. For some reason I really appreciate and get happy when I see wooden pieces. I just think that wood just looks cool for a lot of things. Christine said that her quintessential boss would be a famous tress house builder named Pete Nelson. She also mentioned that after she graduates she will move to Portland, Oregon to chase her dream of wood working as a career.

I noticed that her piece is called “Comber.” I wondered why it was called that. I looked up the word comber and it made so much sense after. Because Christine’s table legs are curved, it’s called Comber! Comber means a long curving sea wave. I really hope I’m not the only one who didn’t know what Comber meant.

Overall, I was really happy seeing all of the wood pieces in the gallery. I was really amazed by Christine Fuqua’s piece.


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