Wk 6 – Activity – Yarn Bombing


For my Yarn Bombing experience, I used yarn on my phone charger. i thought it was very subtle and nice. The way I did it was the way I made bracelets when I was young. i thought it would be way easier if I did it this way than just wrapping the yarn around it. It was quite easy but very time consuming. A difficult things about it was that since my charger is so long, I had a lot of yarn everywhere. At times the yarn would get tangled and knotted, but it worked out in the end. I think that my charger looks really cute and stylish now. I’m glad I got the yarn that was multiple colors.

My Yarn Bombing experience was very different from my Graffiti Writing experience. I had a very difficult time during my Graffiti Writing experience. Graffiti Writing really frustrating and hard for me. When I messed while using spray paint it was permanent, while yarn is much easier to fix a mistake. You can go back and fix what you did wrong with the yarn. I also thought it was different because I knew how to do this bracelet technique and I did not know how to work with spray paint. I felt that working with yarn was easier because you have more control. Yarn goes where you want to place it.


CSULB SOA Fiber Arts facilities on the 2nd Floor of FA2

I believe that Yarn Bombing and Graffiti Writing are two different things but try to convey the same meaning, art. I think that there is some aspects that make bombing with art masculine and aggressive but I believe that it would not have to be that way if so many people didn’t disapprove of it. To contrast, I think there are many things that make yarn bombing feminine and nurturing because of what people first think when they hear or see yarn. I believe that yarn bombing and graffiti bombing have invalid stereotypes because there are many men that knit and many women who graffiti. I think that painting art and fiber crafts are the same because they illustrate the same meaning.


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