Wk 5 – Classmate Interview – Candice Cheung

On Thursday I had the pleasure to meet Candice. She saw me sitting alone and went up to me. I was grateful she did. She was so lovely. She was really nice and polite. During our conversation we talked about a lot of things.

I found out that Candice is a first year like me and is Chinese. I also found out that she dorms like me, so there is a big chance I will run into her other than class. She told me that her roommate is someone she knows from high school but she is someone that she is not really close to. She is also from the San Gabriel Valley and it is about 40 minutes to an hour away from Long Beach. She wanted to experience being away from home.

Additionally, Candice wanted to me a nursing major at first and she was the first semester she was here. Then she wanted to take occupational therapy but occupational therapy is only for grad school and she just wants to take four years and be done. Instead, Candice is taking human development.

Something I found really interesting was that she practiced ballet since she was six years old and stopped senior year of high school. Additionally, Candice danced a lot during high school. She was in a dance club in school called “Choreo.” She mostly likes dancing ballet, modern, and hip-hop. She said that she really likes hip-hop but isn’t really that good; however, I doubt that she’s bad at hip-hop.

Overall, it was really delightful to meet Candice.


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