Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Brianna Allen

For Week 5, I interviewed Brianna Allen. Even though Brianna was there for only a little bit, I thought her work was wonderful. In Gatov-East the exhibition was called “Work Hardened: An Exploration of Metal Arts.” The exhibition was was various people that presented jewelery and sculptural metalwork.

The piece from Brianna that caught my eye was “Mating Rituals IV.” I thought it was wonderfully displayed. I wondered why in the center of the piece there was knights. I found out the title of the piece and it made a little more sense to me. I found it really interesting that she incorporated mating. I thought it was nice that the two knights were out of place. It was like they did not care what the rules was and did whatever they wanted. Brianna stated that she loved the game of chess and was glad that she incorporated the game into her work.

Additionally, Brianna started crafting because she wanted to be a jeweler. She chose Long Beach because there is a blacksmithing program. She also likes metal because it does what she wants it to do and it stays like that. Brianna also has a solo show next week and I highly recommended to check it out.


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