Wk 5 – Activity – Kickstarter

When I was surfing the Kickstarter website, I found some really interesting projects. One that grabbed my attention was “Where’s Wallet: The Wallet You’ll Never Loose.” One that I thought was okay was “My Transit Strap.” The first one is from the fashion category while the other one is from the crafts category.

I feel like one does not sell its product as much as the other one. One video is vague and doesn’t really look professional while the other one is the complete opposite. Where’s Wallet is from New York, NY and has a goal of $30,000. Where’s Wallet is almost to it’s goal. To contrast, My Transit Strap is also from New York, NY but has a goal of $25,000 and no one has donated to their product.

Where’s Wallet has come from a line of successful Kickstarters. Where’s Wallet’s page provides a wealthy amount of information and pictures about the project. Where’s Wallet has also made an interactive game the let’s people find Where’s Wallet and earn extras from the company that made Where’s Wallet.

On the other hand, I thought My Transit Strap did not catch my attention because it’s probably because I don’t live in a place where I would need the product and if I did, I probably would not care if I had to touch a pole. I also did not fancy Mt Transit Strap because I thought the product itself was unappealing. It kinda looks like a lanyard that is attached to a hook.


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