Wk 4 – Activity – The Mina Show

Snapchat-5547315273102477418-horzFor my Mina Show my brothers and I walked around H&M wearing the same outfit. We all had a grey hoodie, an olive green jacket, and dark pants. Throughout the time we were in the store, we asked the employees if they could take a picture of us but they weren’t allowed to. However, we asked random people in the store to take pictures of us.

Doing this made me feel somewhat embarrassed because my brothers and I were wearing the same thing. Also, the fact that we were asking random people to take out picture in a store. I think that H&M is a really random and not noteworthy place to take pictures of siblings. Additionally, I felt awkward but in the back of my head I thought we looked hip and cool. However, I thought we would look even more cool if we weren’t wearing the same outfit at the same time. Overall, I thought this was a “wouldn’t it be cool if” moment in my day.

I believe that this compares to Performance Art by how it is something that is visual and is making people feel something. Additionally, I think that this compares to a flash mob by how flash mobs surprise people. I think my Mina Show would surprise people is some sort of way.


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