Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – Roxana Guterrez

I had the pleasure to meet Roxanna on Thursday. She came up to me and asked me if I had someone to interview yet. At first, we had this conversation about what to talk about. Then we decided to do an the artist interview together.

Throughout class I got to find out some pretty neat things about her. I found out that she’s a first year like me. She’s also majoring in psychology but she isn’t sure if she wants to change her major because of all the new classes she will have to take and if she will really enjoy it. I also found out that Roxana grew up in Long Beach and went to Lakewood High school. She also like scary shows and movies like American Horror Story and Supernatural.

Something that she almost forgot to mention is that she is a twin. She’s seven minutes older than him but is shorter than him. I asked her if she resembled her brother but she said not really. However, she said that a lot of people say if her and her brother and right next to each other, you can see a little of resemblance. Additionally, her twin brother also goes to CSULB. Overall, I thought Roxana was a really nice and friendly person.


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