Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Daniel Rivera

For this week, I interview Daniel Rivera. My first impression of his piece was that it was really cool! At first I thought why are the doors dark. Can we even go inside? Then I saw the sign on the door that said it was okay to come inside. I like how this piece was in the dark and some light illuminating it. However, I thought it was hard getting the full feel of the piece because there was a lot of people opening and closing the door and letting outside light in. When I saw this I thought there was no meaning or something to interpret. I thought Daniel just wanted to make something that looked neat.

Daniel Rivera said he wanted to challenge himself. He made his piece with a group of friends. He taught and directed them what to do. One person made the paper. One person tied on the strings and so on. He said it was kinda like a production. This piece is a painting made of strokes and tears, Every stroke was made with layers and layers of magazine paper, articles, construction paper, and canvas. Additionally, there are strings that are underneath that are pulled apart to show some light in each block.

Something that I thought was cool that he let people take one of the bricks of paper. He said that it is better to let people have a feel of a piece than people having their hands behind their back and just admiring it. However, he did not want us to take any because there was too much of us around. He said to come back and take one. Overall, I thought his piece was amazing and neat.


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