Wk 3 – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak

For this week’s artist interview, I decided to pick Yireh Elaine Kwak. I remember when I first walked into the gallery I was really amazed. Each painting looked like she worked really hard and it took a lot of her time. I fancy her paintings for so man reasons. I think that their really colorful and bright. Which is why they stood out to me. I also like how it has a nature feel to each of her paintings.

When I first saw her, she was crowded by other people answering their questions. I thought she was really nice and easy to talk to. During the interview, she mentioned that she focuses more on oil painting than other types. She also mentioned that she worked on her painting last semester and a little bit over winter break. Additionally, she said that she did not get a lot of sleep when she worked on these paintings. Kwak said she has been creative and has loved art ever since she was a child. She also said that about 5-6 years ago she decided to get serious about art.

Furthermore, Kwak said that she got inspiration from where she lives. She said that she is surrounded by nature because she lives on a hill. She uses this to her advantage and sketches from her memory before she starts painting. Overall, I enjoyed Kwak sand her pieces. She reminded me that inspiration is everywhere.


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