Wk2 – Artist Interview – Chase

I decided to write about Chase and his painting “Discovery Channel.” First of all, when I first saw this piece I I thought it was startling because I saw the bear in the back of the painting. I also thought it was kinds loud because there was so much going on. To me it looked like there was a bear that looked like he was keeping a women hostage and spectators that looked like they were about to do something to help. I also thought it was confusing because I had no idea what it meant. Additionally, I noticed the chandelier hanging and I thought that was really odd and random but also really neat. Overall, I have no idea why but I like the chandelier.

When interviewing Chase, he said that it took him about 2-3 weeks to paint due to the fact that he used oil paint which takes longer to dry. He also said that he incorporated other sketches and drawings from previous work and pieces. I also recall him saying that he wanted fill the capacity of the canvas. Additionally, Chase was having a hard time to establish a place for the bear because the bear would hinder the other details involving the paintings. Chase titled his piece “Discovery Channel” because the painting actually reminded him the Discovery Channel.

Overall, I really enjoyed and was fond of Chase and his piece. I really appreciated all of his hard work and effort he put in to create his piece.


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