Wk2 – Classmate Interview – Anissa Torres

On Thursday I had the pleasure to meet a cool person named Anissa! When I was talking to her I got to find out many interesting facts about her. I found out that she’s a freshmen just like me. Something that I found funny was that she forgot that she’s a twin. She told me that a lot of people get her and her sister mixed up. She also said that sometimes random people will say hi to her because they think it’s her sister. I also found out that she works at Baskin-Robbins. Surprisingly her sister works there too. Even more surprising that there’s a Baskin-Robbins that’s about a mile away from the Baskin-Robbins she works at and that’s where her sister works at. She also told me that her friends recently started working at her job and it has been hard to keep it professional. I found that really neat. I also got to find out that she’s undeclared but is leaning towards something involving science. As class went on, we talked more and I found out that she really like playing and watching soccer. She played a lot when she was in high school but unfortunately stopped playing when she got her job at Baskin-Robbins. She even told me that she was going to go to her high school and watch the soccer game there and she told me that she wanted to join the soccer club on campus. She also told me that she lives in Long Beach and lives about twenty minutes away from the school. As class went on, we decided to stick together and interview the same artist. Even after class we decided to hang out a bit at Week of Welcome until my next class started. I’m glad I met a person like Anissa on Thursday!


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