Wk 15 – Artist Interview – Elia Murray

I had the opportunity to interview Elia Murray. She is majoring in Illustration here at CSULB. She participated in a show called Drawn Out. Drawn Out is the 2015 BFA Illustration/Animation Senior show.

One thing I found really profound was how much her parents influence her to become an artist. She grew up around artist, her parents. She said she had always had dreams about being an artist. Elia Murray said that her father taught her how to draw ta a young age and her mother pushed her. She said that she originally applied to become an English major in college; however her parents pretty much convinced her to become an art major. If her parents did not push her to become an art major, there would not be this exquisite art on the wall in the gallery. I thought it was really nice that she has parents that support her and help her in ways that will benefit her.

Additionally, Elia Murray said that she is applying to internships. She mentioned that she applied to places like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. She said that she is different compared to other individuals that are applying because people who usually apply are animation majors, while she is an illustration major.

I thought her work was impeccable. I can see her work in many animated shows. i really like how her work looks different from the normal things I would see in animals.

Overall, I am delighted I was able to experience seeing Elia Murray’s work.


Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Valerie Arrendondo

I had the pleasure to meet Valerie Arrendondo. She was really sweet and interesting person to talk to.

Valerie is a first year like me. Unfortunately, she lives near CSULB and does not dorm, so I can not see her more often. However, her boyfriend dorms and she spends a lot of time at the dorms. She also told me how she met her boyfriend. She said that she had a crush on him when they were freshmen in high school. Then I realized that if Valerie met her boyfriend in high school, then her boyfriend lives near school too. She confirmed it and said that he wanted to experience dorm life.

Additionally, Valerie told me what she was majoring in at CSULB. She said that she was originally an Art major, but now she is a Biology major now. She said she wants to become a doctor. However, she wants to change back because of the influence of ART110.

Valerie also told me a few more things about her. She said that she likes drawing, watching Netflix, and playing rugby. She even told me that she is on the rugby team here at school. Valerie also told me that she is the oldest among her siblings. She has two younger brothers and they all get along really well. However, sometimes her youngest brother can get a little annoying because of Valerie and her younger brother’s age difference. Furthermore, Valerie told me that her favorite movie is Tarzan. She said that her parents have a video of her singing, “You’ll be in my Heart” when she was younger. Another thing she told me that she wants to learn sign language over the summer because she always wanted to learn.

Overall, I thought Valerie was really nice and I am glad I got to meet her.

Wk 14 – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak

I had the opportunity to see Yireh Elaine Kwak’s piece in an exhibit called Liminal. I remember seeing her other exhibit early on in the semester. I belie her pieces are really eye catching.

Yireh Elaine Kwak’s major is a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts Drawing and Paint at CSULB and is graduating soon. After she graduates, she is considering going to graduate school at a different place, but still in California.

Elaine Kwak has been oil painting for about ten years. She really likes painting landscapes involving nature because it reminds her of home. She said she prefers to draw and paint from memories.  She feels that photos are artificial, while drawing and painting from memory has a different feel to it. She believes that if she was drawing or panting from a picture, she would might as well take it. She thinks that if she makes something from memory, she can add her own touch to it. She said she would get an idea or find a view and sketch it out after  and then she would start doing her thing. Kwak also said she likes to use bright colors so her work can stand out.

Wk 14 – Classmate Interview – Sarah Schneider

I had the chance to meet a really lovely girl named Sarah Schneider. I found out many nice and interesting things about her.

Sarah told me that she is majoring in Health Science at CSULB. She told me that she is a second year. She also mentioned that she commutes to school. She lives about 15 minutes away from school.

Another thing Sarah tole me about her self was that she has some cool hobbies. She likes to watch Netflix, go on road trips, and go bowling. She said that she is on the bowling team at CSULB and gets to travel a lot. She also told me that she just got hired at a bowling alley, which I thought was cool. She gets to be surrounded by something she likes doing.

Furthermore, Sarah told me that she is half Filipino and half White. She told me that her mom is Filipino and her dad is White, She said that her mom was a nanny for a family and that she has visited the Philippines twice. She also mentioned how her parents met. She said that her parents were neighbors when they were children. I thought it was really cute how her parents met and how they married their neighbor.

Additionally, Sarah tole me that she has a younger brother. She mentioned that he is fourteen years old. Which I thought was cool because I also have a little brother that is fourteen years old. Sarah also said that her and her little brother’s birthdays are two days apart. She said that she is really close to her little brother and sometimes her boyfriends hangs out with her and her little brother.

Overall, I had a great time getting to know Sarah!

Wk 13 – Optional EC – Musical Drawing

I performed Christian Posada’s Musical Drawing. For the procedure, the first thing I did was listen to the song  Kina Grannis – The Fire (ft. Fresh Big Mouf) // The Beat Scout Remix. After that, I prepared my paper and marker. Then I closed my eyes and started drawing a continuous line for 30 seconds. When I opened my eyes, I was satisfied with he continuous l drew. Then I started filling in the gaps with four different colors. I tried to stray away from making the same color being next to each other. I thought I would not be able to make it look as nice as Christian Posada. Overall, I enjoyed doing this procedure. I was really happy with my end results of my drawing. I really thought this procedure was interesting and fun to do.

Wk 13 – Artist Interview – Marty Knop

I had the chance to experience Marty Knop’s exhibit called Icosikaihenagon. I believe his work is a head turner. His work makes me want to observe every detail individually and bring it together as a whole. I believe his work is very pleasant on the eyes.

Marty Knop used computer programs to make his pieces. He used a program called Mathematica and Wolfram. These programs allow him to use mathematics to create structures. He mentioned that the goal of this was to convert math symbols into computer graphics. He believes that shapes are best described through math equations.

Marty Knop’s work is surrounded by the idea of patterns and randomness. A simple checkerboard pattern can be easily generated. The tougher part in making a random pattern due the large amount of information it requires. Additionally, randomness is not repetitive is harder to make with mathematics.


A piece that I drew a liking to is this one above. Even though it looks really plain, it has its’ own outstanding qualities. I really like how this piece looks almost like an optical illusion. I also fancy the abundance of patterned lines. another thing that I am fond about this piece is that even though it is just a whole bunch of lines, it has texture and it looks like it is not flat.

Overall, I really enjoyed seeing Marty Knop’s exhibit, Icosikaihenagon.

Wk 13 – Classmate Interview – Monica Navarro

I had the opportunity to meet Monica Navarro! She was really nice and lovely. I was able to find out really interesting things about her.

Monica is a third year here at CSULB and is majoring in Sociology and is minoring in Human Resources. Monica told me that she is Mexican but says she does not look like it. She says that her mom says she is adopted and that she looks completely different from her sister. She also said that she works at a park. She does activities for the kids at the park. She also says she keeps the park clean by picking up trash.

Furthermore, Monica lives like ten minutes away from CSULB and went to Bellflower High school. She told me that she played soccer in high school, but when she became a senior, she decided to quit soccer and play golf. She said that she did not want to keep playing junior varsity because she wanted to play for fun. I thought it was weird that they force seniors to play varsity because when played tennis in high school, the seniors were able to play junior varsity.

Something interesting that I found out that she knows where I live. When I told her that I was from Lancaster, I was surprised that she knew. She told me that her mom sells houses and one of the houses was at Lancaster. She said that sometimes she goes places with her mom to accompany her and one of them was Lancaster.

Another interesting thing that Monica told me was that she took painting lessons when she was young. The funny thing about it was that her instructor did the painting for her.

Overall, I was glad that I met Monica!